How SMS helps build trust in the financial service industry

How SMS helps build trust in the financial service industry

One of the key elements to a successful financial services business is trust. Trust is gained between customers and their finance vendors through the appropriate handling of sensitive information, financial transactions and ultimately, improving people’s lives. It’s important for finance businesses to develop, maintain and increase their customers’ trust in order to secure ongoing customer loyalty. 

So how does SMS help build trust? It’s critical for finance businesses to choose an SMS solution to help deliver important communications to customers in a reliable, secure fashion. At Ezitxt we have used SMS to help many leading finance businesses to increase their customers’ trust and as a result, engagement and ROI.

There’s a variety of ways SMS can be used to help finance businesses which can be tailored to your business goals. For example, if user inactivity is a problem, businesses can engage with these users via SMS to prompt certain actions. From scheduled reminders for payments to alerts about claims, these prompts help their users to stay loyal to your business and as a result, build trust. Or let’s say you’d like your customers to find out about your latest loan offers, a quick SMS will ensure your customers are reading about it. 

With a 98% open rate (Gartner) SMS is one of the best ways to ensure effective communication and increase customer satisfaction. At Ezitxt, we can help identify your business goals and show you how to use SMS effectively to achieve them. 

To recap, we can help you use SMS to:

- Boost activity

- Deliver reminders

- Provide claim alerts

- Promote loan offers

Increase efficiency, reduce admin and boost engagement. It’s that easy!

Learn how our powerful, easy to use SMS messaging platform can help your business!

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