The Platform

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Ezitxt provides your business with a low cost bulk SMS Messaging platform that will help your company improve productivity and engage your customers.

Directly target your end-user with our SMS messaging software that is powerful and easy to use. With a 98% open and read rate, Ezitxt gets your message straight to the hands of your customer, every time.

Ezitxt's bulk SMS messaging platform allows you to instantly communicate with all of your contacts, schedule messages for the future, set up keyword campaigns, run SMS marketing, and have two-way conversations with your customers. All while managing different contact lists for different campaign content.

API Connectivity

Ezitxt’s REST API platform is simple to use and seamlessly integrates with your existing business software to send and receive SMS messages and more.

Connect to the Ezitxt platform from your own CRM via API.

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Hundreds of clients, ranging from large appointment reminder companies to support software companies, use our easy API connectivity to fulfil their individual business needs.
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Our API connectivity allows us to work alongside your developers to build a personalised system that you can count on.
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Email 2 Txt

Ezitxt's business messaging application integrates perfectly with your email to give you Email 2 Txt services.

This service is available from the Starter plan upwards, or within a Customised plan. Reach your target market by sending a single email and receiving responses just as easily.

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Send an email directly from your current email platform and your customer receives the same message as a text.

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